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Study Tours on ski's at the Skinnovation event - StudyTours
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Study Tours on ski’s at the Skinnovation event

Study Tours on ski’s at the Skinnovation event

Skinnovation is the first startup conference on ski. During three days 250 young and aspiring entrepreneurs and startups meet up to ski together and attend workshops, speeches and coaching sessions in the ski huts. Roos de Wit – Goedhart will be one of the speakers during this cool event. She will give a session about ‘How to Scale-up your Start-up’:

Europe is getting a better startup infrastructure, more and better investors, and more incubators & accelerators. Still, the innovation capacity lags behind the US. The main reason is the difference in mindset and culture. Silicon Valley for example is the innovation capital of the world. This is a place where innovative startup entrepreneurship is embedded in a culture that advocates risk-taking, creativity, invention, disruption and sharing. Silicon Valley above all is a mindset, a belief in thinking beyond the here and now. It is about passion and ambition. Besides that one of the keys to successful entrepreneurship is not only having a great idea or being a brilliant entrepreneur, it is the ability to make mistakes. I will share my findings in research and my experience in an interactive session. This session aims to provide the audience with tools and ideas how to scale up your business.

Skinnovation will take place in the Alp city Innsbruck from March 9-11, and leverages on the stunning landscape and amazing slopes in the mountains around the city. – Join the event with us and listen to inspirational speakers, discuss your ideas with other innovators, learn more about entrepreneurship, pitch your ideas and have a great time on the slopes!

Watch the aftermovie of last year here

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