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Study Tour Programmes in Asia
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Programmes in Asia

These are all examples of Study Tours we can organize for you or your organization. Next to this, there are countless possibilities of study tours we can organize. These are just examples.

Hyderabad, India
This is a unique Study Tour which focuses on outsourcing to India.

Is India really the efficiency generator which is beneficial for business? The current practices of outsourcing to India will be discussed and questions will be answered whether outsourcing to India is still an attractive opportunity for businesses like yours, what the future of outsourcing looks like and how India’s country competitiveness profile compares to that of other nations.

Hong Kong, China
This Study Tour enhances the participants’ understanding and preparation for effective business functioning and decision making in the fast changing global economic environment. The emphasis will be placed on better understanding the emerging markets and the complexities that lead a nation’s global competition on the example of particular economies or regions. The programme will address government and non-governmental policies and their impact on local and international communities. Most importantly the participants will be exposed to China’s dynamic economy and business environment through on-site learning and discussion with local and foreign participants in that environment.

Shanghai, China
The port of Shanghai is the biggest port in the world, surpassing the port of Singapore. Around 29 million TEUs were handled by the port of Shanghai in 2011 which has both – a sea as well as a river port.  It is a source of great economic activity in the Yangtze River area which has helped further the economic status of regions like Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Henan. During this Study Tour participants will visit the port of Shanghai and its stakeholders and will be introduced to the political, economical and cultural aspects of doing business in and with China.

Tokyo and Nagoya, Japan
This Study Tour focuses on potential business opportunities for non-Japanese organizations with respect to potential investments, governmental impact on business, resources, technology, R&D, trade, management practices and services.

These topics are studied and discussed along four themes;

1 the nature of Japanese supply chain network
2 the impact of China
3 impact of Japan’s demographics & psychographics
4 the impact of Japan’s management practices

Taipei, Taiwan
The Republic of China’s  (Taiwan) nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) have flourished following Taiwan’s societal changes, economic liberalization and democratic transformation over the past few decades. They have raised the ROC’s profile by working with renowned international nongovernmental organizations (INGOs) on projects closely aligned with the U.N. Millennium Development Goals.

The Study Tours “NGO’s of Taiwan” aims to provide participants to expand their vision by interacting with NGOs from Taiwan. In addition, the program will give the participants an opportunity to better understand the Republic of China (Taiwan) from a wide variety of perspectives, such as history, culture, the economy and cross-strait relations.

In order to gain a better understanding of NGOs in Taiwan, this study tour program will provide opportunities for participants to visit NGO’s and historic and cultural sites, focusing on the following four topics:

  • Peaceful development of cross-strait relations: The history of relations between Taiwan and mainland China, including recent developments, as well as current policies and future vision of the ROC government.
  • Taiwan’s achievements in economic and technological fields: The latest science and technology developments in Taiwan, as well as ROC government policies towards foreign affairs, economic development and environmental protection.
  • Participation in and contributions to international society: The ROC government’s proactive role in international NGOs.
  • Cultural heritage and innovationAs a standard bearer of Chinese culture, Taiwan is actively creating an environment that allows cultural activities to thrive, cultural heritage to be preserved, and people to express themselves culturally.

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