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Programmes in North America - StudyTours
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Programmes in North America

These are examples of topics for study tours we could organize for you and your organization. The real opportunities what we could do are endless, this is just an overview of some possibilities.

Study Tour in Canada
Toronto, Canada
There is an increasing pressure on business to address the economic, environmental, and social implications of business’ operations. Therefore it is crucial to know how you can optimize sustainability criteria into your business’s supply  chain management (SCM). This Business Tour focuses on five objectives: (1) reviewing the success of your sustainability initiatives in the supply chain (2) reviewing the indicators to measure supply chain performance in sustainability (3) stating the minimum acceptable standards for sustainable SCM (4) stating your company’s accountability (5) encouraging your suppliers to be more sustainable. These objectives will provide needed insight into the extent to which indicators, standards, and supplier monitoring initiatives are used to support sustainable supply chain management (SSCM) practices in your organization.
Study Tour in Canada
Vancouver, Canada
Managers and knowledge workers face the challenges of rapid change, evolving technology and loads of information in today’s global economy. Today’s business is fiercely competitive and global competition is a reality. Downsizing,  rightsizing, mergers, relocation, layoffs, and the slow extinction of middle-management has led to the need for managers who can provide aggressive and innovative solutions to their company’s challenges.
This Business Tour enables managers to understand the integration of an enterprise’s processes and how to utilize modern tools, techniques and technologies to make their organization more competitive and profitable. The learning objective of this Business Tour is to increase the managers’ value to the organization. This is accomplished by introducing the strategic fundamentals  and the basic business processes for running an enterprise and applying these to current challenges and opportunities within the organization.
Study Trip USA
New York, USA
Participants will have the opportunity to visit the United Nations and to meet with representatives of UN special agencies, programs, and funds dedicated to coordinating UN efforts around the world, especially as they relate to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and global health. Five among the following can be selected: UN Joint Program on HIVAIDS, UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), UN Population Fund, UN Forum on Indigenous Issues, UN Environment Programme, UN Women, UN Development Programme, UN Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), and World Food Programme. Participants will listen to presentations and hold in-depth conversations to gather insight into the UN and the agencies, to learn how UN policies are translated into action on-the-ground through programs and initiatives, and to discuss how these measures impact global issues.

Participants will further meet with representatives of two world ambassadors to hear how countries implement UN guidelines, and pending authorization and might be able to attend a weekly briefing held by one of the UN Departments. Participants will visit one of the NGOs and will also engage in a community service.

Using the lens of the Millennium Goals, special emphasis will be placed on examining key issues that impact health: poverty, hunger, education, gender, child and maternal care, disease and environment. Discussions about ways to get involved with the UN as volunteer, intern, and future professional will be integrated into this Study Tour. An information session upfront will provide an academic introduction to the UN and familiarize students with the Study Tour details. Together these experiences will help paint a picture of the United Nations as an international organization, of agencies key to its mission, of its allies in civil society, and of the complex web of global health issues that it seeks to address.

The Study Tour will enable participants:
– to gain a basic understanding of the United Nations, its diverse network of special agencies and programs, and how they collaborate to fulfil UN goals, especially those related to global health;
– to become knowledgeable about the Millennium Development Goals and a host of issues that the goals seek to address which impact health;
– to communicate about the cultural, political, material, and environmental challenges associated with advancing the goals around the world and about different policies and programs that have been developed to address them;
– to learn the roles that nations and civil society play in supporting UN efforts to foster global health and well-being;
– to determine ways individuals can become involved in the work of the UN as volunteer, intern, and professional.

Study Trip USA
Boston, USA

Global organizations face new challenges in today’s turbulent market on a daily basis. This Programme focuses on managing complexity and is geared towards (soon to be) global experts within organizations whom lead during times of change with a global mind set and skill set. This Business Tour Programme will empower you with theoretical and practical information you can apply immediately to solve current issues at work and to seize opportunities for your business in a global landscape. This Programme offers the opportunity to focus on your personal leadership development and to network with alike managers.

Your global management skills will further be enhanced as you focus on global, live case studies and have plenary debates with experts.

Key words: managing under uncertainly & ambiguity, leading across cultures,  creating and sustaining high performance teams, leadership in the 21st century, change management.

Study Tour in Mexico


Mexico City, Mexico
This is a unique Study Tour about Women on Boards: Gender equality and women empowerment where managers, both male and female, analyse and learn by means of a holistic vision, the contribution that women have in companies, families, and the community  and the roles they play.

The objectives of this Study Tour are:

• To identify inhibitors of the career of women and its impact on the business/industry.
• To optimize the talent on their strengths and opportunities for successful integration of management teams.
• To define strategies to develop a professional project, which integrates the different roles which women play.
• To define the impact of female talent and to define how they are complementary with man in the organizational culture.

Study Trip in Costa Rica

San José, Costa Rica

This Study Tour focuses on learning social entrepreneurship principles and concepts to address social problems and create systemic change. In addition participants will be practicing innovative ways to have a positive impact and change the world around them. Students will experience real life examples of how to overcame societal barriers to create a lasting impact on the world.

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