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Study Tour Programmes in Europe - Some Examples
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Programmes in Europe

We offer Study Tours all around the world. Underneath there are some examples of themes/topics we could organize for a study tour in Europe.

StudyTours Netherlands
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The Netherlands has large areas which are situated below sea level (up to minus 6,76 meter), which are prone to flooding. Fortunately the Dutch have learned to manage the water well since the flood disaster in 1953. The Dutch can help address unique water challenges that other countries face, like flooding and drought, Coast protection, and rising sea levels that threaten major cities and small communities. The knowledge and experience that the Netherlands has in water management, with its many institutions and Universities, makes this country the host for a Study Tour in water management. This Study Tour will focus on subjects such as adapting to climate change for delta regions in the decades to come, the economics and governance of water and innovation in water technology. It explores how protection methods can be used and applied to coastal regions.
Study Trip in Belgium
Brussels, Belgium
This Study Tour focuses on doing business with(in) the European Union. Participants will get an insight into the complex structure and working methods of the EU. Furthermore this Study Tour will reveal the importance and weight of the lobbying parties. Participants will visit the EU buildings and have guest speakers from NGO’s, MNO’s and the European Parliament/Commission.
StudyTours Netherlands
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
The port of Rotterdam is the number 8th Port in the world after the Asian Ports. It is however the most enhanced Port in the world regarding operational efficiency, automation and extended land.  During this Study Tour participants will visit the port of Rotterdam and its stakeholders and will be introduced to the political, economical and cultural aspects of doing business in and with the Europe(an Union)

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