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Programmes in Middle East & Africa - StudyTours
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Programmes in Middle East & Africa

Underneath is an example of a study tour we can organize in Africa. This is just an example, we can organize anything that will fit the needs of you and your organization.

StudyTours South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

This Study Tour focuses on how individuals and organizations have managed change in an increasingly complex and highly diverse business and cultural environment. Key issues highlighted will include the challenges of managing political transformation, improving the quality of service delivery and making positive contributions to job creation and combating the pandemic of HIV/AIDS.

This Study Tour provides examples of leadership in a situation which is complex in a number of different dimensions: cultural, regulatory, historical, racial and developmental. Secondly it explores some of the major themes and challenges in South Africa as seen through the eyes and experiences of leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds – corporate, governmental organizations, NGO’s, entrepreneurs and academics.

The Programme will include an information session, company visits and lectures and visits to significant cultural and historical sites in South Africa. The overall experience will provide participants with the opportunity to think about leadership and its impacts while experiencing it first-hand in a society undergoing major change.

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For questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our contact details can be found here:  https://studytours.nl/contact/