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StudyTours promotes sustainable businesses
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At Study Tours we promote Sustainability in various ways

Dopper and StudyTours

Study Tours organizes Programmes with themes like Sustainable Supply Chain Management and Ethical Business, which teaches participants that the world’s most ethical companies truly go beyond making statements about doing business “sustainable” and “ethically” and translate those words into action. Those companies not only promote business standards and practices internally, they exceed legal compliance minimums and shape future industry standards by introducing best practices today. These companies are focusing on terms as good, smart, business and profit.

At Study Tours we practice what we preach!
We have translated doing business ethically into our business model and have come up with the following actions to run a sustainable and ethical business;

– We support local businesses and entrepreneurs
– We hand out Doppers to our participants and staff to reduce plactic waste and to promote clean drinking water for everyone
– We hand out our Study Tour reading materials on a USB flashdrive
– We promote using Correctbooks instead of using noteblocks and pens
– We print as little documents as we can and if we do print, we minize our paper and ink usage

In case you have any questions regarding our Sustainability Programmes, please feel free to contact us!