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1 summer, 3 study tours, countless new experiences and friendships - StudyTours
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1 summer, 3 study tours, countless new experiences and friendships

1 summer, 3 study tours, countless new experiences and friendships

It was a busy, dynamic and incredible summer, Study Tours hosted three unique groups of students from different universities and colleges worldwide in the Netherlands! It is amazing to see that participants of our study tours not only returned back home with many new personal experiences, but most of all with new connections and friendships.

From the 20th of July Chinese high-school honour students, from the educational centre:mydec business school study tour education ‘Beijing MyDEC Educational Technology and Development Co. Ltd. spent a week in Rotterdam to learn everything about the European and Dutch culture and gain deeper insights into the proposed Bachelors at RSM. It was the first time for these students from less internationlized cities in China to be abroad, so it was our task to make them feel at ease and comfortable in a completely new environment, and especially in speaking a new language: English. For one week the students followed an English language study program for nonnative speakers (ELS). It was a great week with beautiful weather (they were very lucky with rare Dutch summer weather of 35 celcius degrees), many pictures were taken and new friendship were established by overcoming the language barrier!

There was no time to be sad after having to say goodbye to our new chinese friends because the very next day we welcomed a new group and it was our job to educate them on the topic of Green Supply Chains in one day! In the morning the 20 Executive MBA participants from the Canadian Sandermoen School of Business, University of Fredericton (Ufred) enjoyed a session from Associate Professor Harry Geerlings from the Erasmus Faculty of Social Sciences whereafter they explored the sustainable and biggest Port of Europe. A perfect combination of theory and experiencing how theory is being put into practise in real-life, in one day.

With the excitement and adrenaline from last week tours still running through our veins we welcomed our last group of the month the day after. On the 28th of July 24 Chinese entrepreneurs and alumni from the Lingnan Entrepreneurs Association from Lingnan (University) college, Sun Yat-sen University lingnan business school study tours innovation entrepreneurshipvisited the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. Their study tour programme around Innovation & Entrepreneurship was kicked off with an introduction on Doing Business in Europe by Dr. Koen Berden from the World Trade Institute, followed by a visit to the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE), a leading expertise centre on entrepreneurship in Europe. The next day the participants were brought to the Van Nelle Fabriek. The theme of their day was The Future of Innovation: Disruptive and Business Model Innovation and there is no better way to learn about this topic by meeting the founders of disruptive startups themselves! During their study tour they had the opportunity to have informal and insightful talks with the founders of SYMBIDHousingAnywhere.comBio Futura B.V. and RockBoost.

What an amazing summer! Will you be the next one joining one of our study tours? 😉


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